How accurate or inaccurate are people search tools?

Have you guys tried any of these people search tools?
1. Yahoo:
2. Melissa Data:
3. Peek You:
4. Zaba Search:
5. :
It’s kinda scary … especially after I found out that I’m already 55.


Here are 10 things that I’m thankful for. How about you?

It’s 5:15 am. I am enjoying my grande coffee at my neighborhood starbucks. Can’t help but reflect on the 10 things I am thankful for this year … here goes:  


  1. Attending SharePoint Conference 2008 and had the opportunity to interact with Bill G. before he “retired” from Microsoft.
  2. Writing a book for O’Reilly Media (I can’t believe it’s done). Am still amazed at how many doors it has opened for me … thanks O’Reilly!
  3. Launching my blogs: (I have to do better in consistently updating it) and
  4. Jumping on (and loving it) the Twitter bandwagon. That goes the same for Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. Reconnected with a lot of old friends and made new ones.
  5. Being much more productive on my Mac. I haven’t reformatted it in over a year – this is unheard of. I used to reformat my PC every 6 months. Although I have yet to convince my colleague, @IECMike, to switch.
  6. Selling my house (at a fair price) in 2 days after listing it.
  7. My son’s improving dance skills (I should upload a new video).
  8. Relatively good health in spite of being taken to the ER and cholesterol level is not the best. Doing my best to exercise regularly.
  9. My loving, patient, and understanding wife, best friend and inspiration (i’m not sweet talking honey, it’s the truth).
  10. The good Lord for keeping his promise to go before me and making the crooked places straight.

How about you dear friend? What are you thankful for?