4 Things We Should Be Thankful For & How We Can Give Back

How’s your Thanksgiving Day coming along? I’m about to get ready and whip up something (don’t know what to cook yet) for tonight’s get together at a friends’ house. Before I do that, I’d like to share what I’ve been reflecting on all morning and hopefully, encourage you to be thankful for these 4 things and be able to give back:

  1. We Should Be Thankful for Our Family and Friends 

     Our days are not complete without the laughter, hugs & kisses of the people we love the most. Our family completes us. Friends extend a helping hand when we’re in need and we would do the same for them. 

     How can we give back? Pick up the phone and cheer up a family member or a friend; Tell them how thankful you are. Or perhaps reach out to those who are in need of family or a friend – there’s a great need for youth mentors, how about becoming one? 


  3. We Should Be Thankful for All The Unsung Heroes 

      We all take them for granted: School teachers, Firefighters, Police, Soldiers and other public servants. And then, there’s people like: Efren, who volunteers & educate the underprivileged youth in the Philippines. Brad, who raises funds to provide wheelchairs to needy Iraqi children. Julia & Jill, who collects pennies help kids in Africa.

      How can we give back? Thank those who are serve you in this country by supporting their fund raising initiatives or even cook a meal for them – Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Alstott did just that. Support initiatives that people like Efren, Brad and Jill are spearheading. 


  5. We Should Be Thankful for Our Profession

     I have been blessed to be working in an environment that I am passionate about with like minded individuals. I’m sure most of my peers involved in SharePoint feels the same way especially in these trying economic times. Not everybody are as fortunate so we should value our profession in spite of the imperfections, frustrations and day to day challenges.

     How can we give back? Share your knowledge or skills by getting involved or volunteering in user groups (shameless plug: SharePoint Saturday), career fairs or local chapters of your profession – by doing this, you can help equip & elevate the skills of folks who might need it. Even better, spread the word about employment opportunities – props to my Twitter buddy John Moore for starting the #workwednesday wave.


  7. We Should Be Thankful for Everyday Blessings

     Apart from our basic needs for shelter, food, clothing, and education are being met, we have more ‘stuff’ (you know what I’m talking about) than we would ever need. Other folks aren’t as fortunate.

     How can we give back? Support charities like Red Cross or Salvation Army by donating food, clothing, money and even your time to help those that are less fortunate or affected by natural calamities.

Lastly, I sure hope that Thanksgiving is not just a once a year event for us. We should be thankful everyday and show it by blessing others as how we’ve been blessed. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this video of my son singing “We Are Thankful”:

We are Thankful from Dux Raymond Sy on Vimeo.