3 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Rags to Riches Stories

1. Henry Sy

1958: Started a small shoe store in Manila, Philippines

2013: Billionaire. Business ventures include: malls, banks, real estate, food & beverage

Read his story: http://www.millionaireacts.com/676/henry-sy-success-story.html

2. Chris Gardner

1980: Medical supply salesman

1981: Homeless single dad

2013: Accomplished stockbroker, entrepreneur, author, speaker

Read his story: http://www.atrader.com/manager-profile/22-christopher-gardner

3.  Cordia Harrington

When Cordia Harrington embarked on a business career as a real estate agent, she invested her life savings, $587, in a plywood sign and a rented office.

Today, her company is the largest producer of buns for Mcdonalds.

Read her story: http://www.womenhomebusiness.com/success/cordia-harrington-from-rags-to-riches-success-story.htm