Photos: Experiencing Sushi & Ramen in Tsukiji

I have yet to attain sushi Nirvana. Before coming to Tokyo, I tried to make reservation at Michelin star Jiro’s restaurant. As you may have guessed, it was fully booked and the next seating availability is next June.

Last night, TJ highly recommended that I visit Tsukiji Fish Market early in the morning to sample the fresh catch of the day.

And so I did. I left this morning at 6am in my lifelong quest to experience the freshest sushi.

Boy, was he right.

I walked in to Ryu Sushi and there was no turning back. Never in my life had I tasted such gastronomically delightable breakfast in the form of toro, maguro, hamachi, sake, ebi, saba, ika, tako, and hotate sushi.

Even better, I got into a conversation with a local chap seated next to me. Jude was his name and he gave me a great backstory of the fish market and how food there is held to the highest starndards. Thanks to Bing Translator app on my Windows Phone, I was able to talk to him in decent Japanese 😉

He was quite impressed with my multicultural palette and interest in Japanese cuisine that he invited to me to get some ramen around the corner.

Who would pass up on ramen?

He assured me that I will not be disappointed. I wasn’t. The street ramen was a wonderful conclusion to my breakfast.

While I didn’t get to seat at Jiro’s table on this trip, I met a new friend from Tsukiji.

Dozo Yoroshiku Jude-san.